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Caption: Take Me Out's Paddy McGuinness takes KFC Friendship Bucket Test with Vernon Kay

WebID:  V00211523 
DATE:  20151212 
Format :  mp4
Duration :  50.103
Digital Size :  26.15M  

TV personalities and best mates Vernon Kay and Paddy McGuinness reveal just how much they know about each over a bucket of chicken as they take part in the KFC Friendship Bucket Test. In the video, the lads look back on their 20-year friendship; from bad hairstyles, fashion faux pas and annoying habits, to messy nights in their hometown Bolton. The test revealed that having met in a local Bolton pub - Vernon before his voice broke and Paddy, a lifeguard and ladies man with a long, back perm with streaks - friendship blossomed over their love of Bolton Wanderers and nights out at legendary '90s club Hacienda. For the chance to win a years supply of KFC, challenge a mate to take the Friendship Bucket Test by heading to www.KFC.co.uk